Retreat Booking Terms


  1. The party leader must be 23 years of age at the time of booking.
  2. The party leader is responsible for agreeing and adhering to our booking terms, all payments, breakages and cancellations. By booking with us you agree to our terms and conditions.
  3. Payment of a deposit of 50% of the total charge for rent is required at the time of booking. The balance payment is to be paid no later than 56 days (2 months) before arrival at the property.
  4. If payment is not received prior to the final balance due date, Woodlands Retreats reserves the right to cancel your booking and pursue the lead booker for the outstanding balance.
  5. A Retreat Booking Form must be completed upon booking with Woodlands Retreats.

The type of retreat to be run should be disclosed to Woodlands Retreats at the time of booking, and permission for that retreat given at the time of booking.

Once permission is given, Woodlands Retreats reserves the right to cancel or turn away bookings which are found to be breaching this agreement. In addition to this, we have the right to refuse and cancel bookings already taken whereby we believe that the use will not be as stated on the original booking form.

It is the responsibiity of the party leader to check all the details of the property, any facilities applicable and the terms of use BEFORE they book.  In the circumstance of booking terms and property details not being read and the party leader wishes to change or cancel their booking;  the terms as set out below will apply.


Woodlands Retreats reserves the right to charge guests and take payment (using credit/debit card details aleady provided) for any damage caused during their stay.


House Inspections & Risk Assessments During Your Stay

Upon arrival at your property it is then your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the property for any uneven surfaces, trip hazards, sharp edges and generally anything which could cause harm to children or adults alike. You should then discuss any potential hazards as a group to ensure that everyone is aware and any appropriate action is taken. Many of our properties are by their nature old and have quirks and uneven floors and elements of the house which could be viewed as dangerous in the wrong circumstance. Woodlands Retreats and the owners of the properties cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained whilst staying at one of our managed properties and by booking with us you accept this and will conduct the thorough property assessment. 


If you have to cancel your booking, you will lose your deposit and be obliged to pay the balance unless the property/accommodation is re-let. In the event of the party leader refusing to pay the balance due, Woodlands Retreats reserves the right to take the balance payment from the card details already provided for the deposit payment. A cooling off period commencing once the deposit payment receipt has been sent from us to you to allow you to amend your booking of 48 hours (if your booking is within 6 weeks of your booking date) or 7 days (if over 6 weeks until your start date) will apply to ensure you have understood these booking terms and have read them thoroughly.

Inclement Weather

Woodlands Retreats holds no responsibility for guests unable to attend any of the properties due to inclement weather or traffic conditions (i.e. snow, flooding, wind, road congestion etc.). If a guest is unable to reach a property due to poor weather conditions or travel issues, they will lose their full payment and an alternative break will not be offered. Please ensure you have full travel insurance to cover such an instance. 

Please ensure that you have appropriate travel insurance to cover the above liability. Woodlands Retreats cannot be held liable FOR ANY REASON if you do not. Woodlands Retreats also reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time if guests are found to be rude, obstructive, abusive and/or break the terms of their bookings contract(s).

Woodlands Retreats reserves the right to charge a 5% administration charge on cancelled bookings, should the property be re-let and a refund be due.

Third Party Properties & Agents

Woodlands Retreats acts as a third party agent for Rock Farm, Hunter's Moon and Smokeham Farmhouse. As such any liability for incidents at this property lie with the owners of these properties and not with Woodlands Retreats. Woodlands Retreats does ensure that all the relevant insurances (including adequate public liability) are held by any third party owners. Booking terms for Rock Farm, Hunter's Moon and Smokeham Farmhouse are the same as for our other properties.

Hunter's Moon Special Clause

The television and surround sound equipment in the cinema room and also the small television in the other lounge are all made by Bang & Olufson and are there to be enjoyed. The system and sound quality are amongst the best that money can buy and therefore carry a price tag which reflects this. It is an extremely expensive set up and therefore we request that the utmost care is taken in both using it and ensuring that no damage occurs.

In the case of damage being caused as a direct result of the actions of a member of your party then the owner of this property will make a claim against their specialist insurance which comes with an excess premium of £500. This cost will then be charged to you and your party leader. By using this room and equipment you accept this potential liability.

Holiday Reservation Liability

To avoid misunderstandings with out guests we would remind you that a reservation constitutes a legal contract. In the event of a cancellation, both parties should endeavour to re-let the accommodation. Should neither party succeed, then the person making the reservation is legally liable to pay the balance payment for that accommodation and will lose their deposit. If the property or accommodation is re-let at the same price or better, then the guest will be able to receive a refund of their deposit less an administration charge. In this instance the outstanding accommodation balance will also not be due.  

Holiday Extras
  1. The party leader must be 23 years of age at the time of booking.
  2. The party leader is responsible for all payments and cancellations.
  3. An initial payment of 50% of the total charge for holiday extra services booked is required at the time of booking. The balance payment is to be paid no later than 56 days before arrival at the property.
Cancellations For Holiday Extras

Any holiday extras cancelled once booked will result in you losing your deposit subject to the service provider's discretion. Please note that any extras booked through Woodlands Retreats will be classified as the same booking as your accommodation. Defaulting on any part of the accommodation or activities balance will result in cancellation of the entire booking.

If you cancel 56 days or before, it is possible that the balance payment will still be due subject to the individual service providers terms and conditions. In this instance Woodlands Retreats will check the status with the service provider and will confirm following this. Each booking will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

If you cancel within 56 days of your arrival for ANY reason whatsoever, you will lose your deposit and be obliged to pay the full balance. Please ensure you have appropriate travel insurance.


We accept no responsibility or liability for any accidents or illness that may occur as a result of any holiday extra activity. The liability and any insurance coverage rests between you and the holiday extra service provider.

For third party service providers that are arranged by you, it is your responsibility to ensure that these providers have the appropriate and relevant insurances and certifications to operate professionally.