Spa Brochure

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The Treatment Menu

Bespoke Organic Facials
Revitalise your skin’s radiance, tone, firm and defy your age naturally with a bespoke organic facial.  Every facial is created specifically for your skin’s individual needs, using our award-winning organic skincare in combination with a tailored facial massage, for longer-lasting visible results. 

£60 for 55 minutes
£35 for 25 minutes

The Sedum Spa Body Treatments

Swedish Full Body Massage
Manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue are initiated to aid in the healing process and promote relaxation and well being

£60 for 55 minutes

Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Concentrated on the back, neck and shoulder area, specific oils are used to release tension and helps soothe tight, sore muscles, which result from wear and tear or incorrect posture. This massage applies pressure to muscles in order to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from stressed areas.

£35 for 25 minutes

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage
Deep rhythmic pressure massage. Alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this powerful, customised massage. Dynamic blends of essential oils are prescribed to target individual needs and reduce specific stress and muscle tension.

£65 for 55 minutes

Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Minimum time, maximum tension relieving results, specifically targeting the back, neck and shoulder area.

£40 for 25 minutes

Indian Head Massage
Wonderfully effective for easing the symptoms of stress, tension, headaches and fatigue, this revitalising massage focuses on the scalp, neck upper back and shoulders.

£35 for 25 minutes

Hopi Ear Candles
A gentle, relaxing treatment using hollow tubes infused with oils. As the candle burns, the heat softens the wax and draws it into the base of the candle. Hopi Ear candles are suitable for treating earwax, earache, tinnitus and sinusitis.

£40 for 25 minutes

A complementary therapy to restore and maintain the body’s equilibrium. Experience deep relaxation through massaging pressure point on the feet.

£60 for 55 minutes

Organic Packages

Classic Packages
Relax with a 25 minute bespoke facial followed by a 15 minute back, neck & shoulder massage. 

£60 for 40 minutes

Detox & Glow Package
Purify from head-to-toe with dry body brushing, body exfoliation and detoxifying massage, followed by a detox sauna and a 55 minute bespoke organic facial, for skin that glows with vitality.

£135 for 2 ¼ hours

Essie Manicure & Pedicure Package
Enjoy the combination of our luxury manicure and pedicure for a wonderfully revitalising, replenishing and pampering experience. 

£80 for 1 ½ hours

Luxury Pampering Experience
Float away during a blissful 85 minute bespoke organic facial, with hot stones and back massage, followed by a luxury manicure and pedicure perfect as a treat.

£150 (normally £168) for 3 ½ hours

Signature Organic Aromatheraphy Body Treaments

Feel invigorated, calmed and toned with an indulgent all-over organic body treatment.

De-Stress Swedish Massage
Feel the tensions and worries of the day simply fall away with this deeply relaxing massage, infused with skin-nourishing botanical oil and stress-relieving organic aromatherapy essential oils.

£65 for 55 minutes

Bespoke Aromatherapy Massage
Feel relaxed, uplifted or detoxified with a therapeutic massage infused with an aromatherapy blend of essential oils, selected specifically to enhance your mood and ease your muscles. 

£65 for 55 minutes

Essie Manicures & Pedicures

The Essie brand was formulated 25 years ago in New York by Essie Weingarten & has become one of the most successful nail care companies in the world. A luxury leader that blends the fashionable with the functional, Essie seeks to redefine the boundaries of colour & creativity. Offering a growing line of nail colours, nail treatments & nail accessories, Essie has become one of the most trusted, iconic names in the beauty industry.

Essie Shape & Polish 
A quick fix for when you are short on time. 

£25 for 25 minutes
an extra £3 for French Manicure

Essie Spa Pedicure
Starting with a stimulating foot soak, we polish heels to perfection, attend to cuticles & finish with a wonderful massage & polish from the Essie range.

£45 for 55 minutes

Essie Pedicure Shape & Polish
A quick fix for when you are short on time.

£25 for 25 minutes
an extra £3 for French Manicure

Essie Deluxe Manicure 
Intensely nourish and revitalise with this luxurious  treatment, including gentle exfoliation, nail shape and cuticle tidy, deeply replenishing masque enhanced with a relaxing hand and arm massage and polish from the Essie range. Hands will look and feel years younger.

£40 for 55 minutes

Suitable for men and for women.

The Sedum Spa Maintenance Treatments

The Sedum Spa - Strip Waxing Menu
This includes the following treatments and yields results that can last from 2-4 weeks depending on hair growth rates.

Hollywood £30.00 30 minutes
Brazilian £24.00 30 minutes
Bikini £14.00 15 Minutes
High Bikini £15.00 15 Minutes
Leg – Full £26.00 30 minutes
Eyebrow Tidy/Shape £10.00 15 Minutes
Leg – Half £16.00 15 Minutes
Underarm £12.00 15 Minutes
Forearm £12.00 15 Minutes
Eyebrow Shape £10.00 15 Minutes
Lip £9.00 15 Minutes
Chin £9.00 15 Minutes
Lip & Chin £12.00 15 Minutes

Waxing for Men

Chest Wax £25.00 25 minutes
Back Wax £23.00 25 minutes
Back & Chest Wax £36.00 55 minutes

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting
Semi-Permanent colour for eyelashes and eyebrows. Tinting offers fuller looking lashes without the use of mascara. Eyebrow tinting helps cover grey and adds definition to brows. Pair with an eyebrow shape to give your face an instant lift. (Patch test required up to 48 hours in advance).

Eyelash Tint £15.00 25 minutes
Eyebrow Tint £13.00 15 minutes
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint £22.00 45 minutes